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Have you ever overplucked your eyebrows, or even lost them completely due to alopecia or post chemotherapy? Then this is your solution.

Sophie Thorpe can provide treatment for:

Overplucked eyebrows

Post chemotherapy

Alopecia sufferers

Thyroid-affected brows

Badly shaped brows

Blond hair, brows with no definition

Brows with no natural arch

Gaps in the brow due to scar tissue

Correction of asymmetrical brows Perfectly shaped brows all year round
Correct brow shape for the client's face Disabled people who have difficulty applying cosmetics
When playing sports, there is no embarrassment of wiping them off when perspiring Allergies to conventional make-up
Time saved not applying make-up

The treatment
After a thorough consultation to determine exactly what remedial work is needed with regard to colour and shape, etc, the agreed treatment commences.

Using a fine needle, the semi-permanent mineral pigment is tattooed hair by hair onto the skin.

Between two and four weeks after the treatment, a second top-up appointment ensures that the results are completely satisfactory.

The new eyebrows usually last between one and two years, depending on your skin type and your age.

All equipment and needles used are sterile and disposable.

Suitable creams are supplied for aftercare.

Other treatments available are waxing and shaping of eyebrows.

If you would like to see photographs of 'before' and 'after' treatment or to book a consultation or appointment, please contact Sophie Thorpe.

Telephone 0207 589 5899

email sophie.thorpe@btinternet.com

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After 15 years specialising in the treatment of eyebrows, Sophie Thorpe is not only acknowledged as the leading semi-permanent make-up artist in the country but is rapidly gaining a world-renowned reputation for her work.

'The Eyebrow Master!'
Nigella Lawson

'The only person who can create the perfect arch.'
Kathy Phillips
Beauty Editor, Vogue